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HERZ ARMATUREN - Pressure Independent Connect-4 with insulation
Feel the Water
Pressure Independent Connect-4 with insulation


Pressure Independent Connect-4 with insulation

Technical data Materials:

  • max. operating pressure: 16 / 25 bar - Body: dezincification-resistant brass

  • min. operating temperature: - 20 °C - Membranes and O-rings: EPDM

  • max. operating temperature: 130 °C

  • lift: 4 mm


  • Body: dezincification-resistant brass

  • Membranes and O-rings: EPDM

Product List

Code Description
  • I/h
  • DN
  • VKE
1460053 Pressure Independent Connect-4 with insulation DN 25
  • 100 - 1900
  • 25
  • 1
1460054 Pressure Independent Connect-4 with insulation DN 32
  • 200 - 2500
  • 32
  • 1
More description

HERZ Connect-4 has been designed to give a simple connection to fan-coils, or other terminal units, and utilses the HERZ 4006 SMART or HERZ 4006 Pressure Independent Balancing Control Valve with HERZ 2206 ball valves with T-handle and a HERZ 4111 strainer.

  • On/off or modulating 0 – 10 V DC actuators can be fitted and integrated to a BMS if required.
  • The unit allows pressure independent control ensuring full stroke regardless of pressure fluctuations, while guaranteeing a constant flow rate to the terminal unit maximising energy efficiency for the system.
  • The Connect-4 unit also permits flushing and isolating operations to be undertaken.
  • The Connect-4 is fitted with test points.
  • The Connect-4 is fitted in a insulation box.

This means there is no product differentiation between heating and chilled, one unit does both applications.

The drain cock fitted to the strainer allows flushing without the need to remove the strainer basket and also allows the strainer basket to be cleaned in-site.


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